Lazy H Parties are perfect for Birthdays, Graduations and Celebrations! Lazy H has a covered barn with picnic tables to decorate. Bose music system. Bring your own drinks/food and enjoy the space to yourselves. Cost of Birthday party $500. 

We offer two types of parties:

Younger Children turing 2-6 years old.  Approximately 25 guests.  Children will help groom, saddle and prepare the ponies for LEAD rides pony rides in the arena. 

Older Children  7-14 years old.  Maximum 12 riders and 25 guests. Children will groom, saddle and be given riding instructions in the arena.  Kids love showing off ridng skills to friends. 

Please call (650)726-3743 or email for more information or reservations. 

horseback riding at the ranch

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